Thursday, April 3, 2008

fan creation

When I was looking at the UFS TCG fruoms I come cross a topic call fan creation. Is about the TCG player create their own cards, and the FTG video game character they wish to add to the UFS game. I saw some player want the DOA character to be in the game, so I was thinking what will be a cool character to start of with
and of course Kasumi come in mind. Because she is one of the hots fighter in the game. I came cross a Cosplay picture of Kasumi and it was HOT, so I did a drawing from the picture. This was the thirded version the first two drawing I just can't get it right, so I ask my friend to help me out and he gave me some great pointer on the drawing. For the coloring I want to do the style which is on the game card, from Imaginary Friends studio, so it might take me a while plus flipping thought art book.

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